Abdul Jabbar

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Ph.D Candidate
The University of Kansas
Information & Telecommunication Technology Center
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
209 Nichols Hall

Contact Information

2335 Irving Hill Rd
Lawrence, Kansas, USA, 66045-7612
38.952 N 95.264 W
+1 785 864 7122


My research interests include modeling networks and developing metrics to quantify network resilience. I am currently working on the following projects:


More publications available through research links above.

  1. Abdul Jabbar, Justin P. Rohrer, Andrew Oberthaler, Egemen K. Çetinkaya, Victor S. Frost, and James P.G. Sterbenz, “Performance Comparison of Weather Disruption-Tolerant Cross-Layer Routing Algorithms” Proceedings of 28th IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2009), Rio de Janeiro, April 2009, to appear.

  2. Abdul Jabbar, Qian Shi, Egemen Çetinkaya, and James P.G. Sterbenz, KU-LocGen: Location and Cost-Constrained Network Topology Generator, ITTC Technical Report ITTC-FY2009-TR-45030-01, The University of Kansas, December 2008.

  3. Abdul Jabbar, Bharatwajan Raman, Victor S. Frost and James P.G.Sterbenz “Weather Disruption-Tolerant Self-Optimising Millimeter Mesh Networks”, Third International IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems (IWSOS 2008),Vienna, December 2008, LNCS 5343, Springer, Heidelberg, pp. 242–255.

  4. Abdul Jabbar, Erik Perrins, and James P.G. Sterbenz, “A Cross-Layered Protocol Architecture for Highly-Dynamic Multihop Airborne Telemetry Networks” , International Telemetering Conference (ITC) 2008], San Diego, October 2008.

  5. Justin P. Rohrer, Abdul Jabbar, Erik Perrins, and James P.G. Sterbenz, “Cross-Layer Architectural Framework for Highly-Mobile Multihop Airborne Telemetry Networks”, Proceedings of IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM'08)], San Diego, November 2008.

  6. Linlin Xie, Paul Smith, David Hutchison, Mark Banfield, Helmut Leopold, Abdul Jabbar, and James P.G. Sterbenz, “From Detection to Remediation: A Self-Organized System for Addressing Flash Crowd Problems”, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC '08), Beijing, May 2008 pp. 5809–5814

  7. Thomas Schafer, Paul Smith, Marcus Scholler, Abdul Jabbar, Justin P. Rohrer, David Hutchison, and James P.G. Sterbenz, Poster: Towards a Decision Engine for Self-Remediating Resilient Networks 2nd International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems (IWSOS) 2007, English Lakes, UK, September 2007

  8. Abdul Jabbar, David Hutchison, and James P.G. Sterbenz, Poster: Towards Quantifying Metrics for Resilient and Survivable Networks, 14th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP 2006), Santa Barbara, California, USA, November 2006, pp. 17–18

  9. Said Zaghloul, Victor Frost, Abdul Jabbar, “Modeling TCP Long File Transfer Latency over Long Delay Wireless Multilink PPP”, IEEE Communications Letters, Vol. 9, No. 11; November 2005, pp. 988-990.

  10. Abdul Jabbar, Nandish Chalishazar, Victor Frost, and Glenn Prescott, “Alternative Communication Networking in Polar Regions”, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies (ISART), Boulder, Colorado, March 2004.


Future, Current, Recent Classes and Tutorials

KU EECS 882 – Mobile Wireless Networking

Professional Activities and Service

Member, Association for Computing Machinery(ACM) <ajabbar@acm.org>
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) <jabbar@ieee.org>
Member, IEEE Computer Society (ComSoc) <jabbar@computer.org>
Member, IEEE Communications Society (IEEE Computer) <jabbar@comsoc.org>


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